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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 14, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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now on jc news. >> nancy died on april 2, 2015, only nancy is not then. >> i'm fighting for my life. >> she was told she needed to show a copy of her death certificate. >> for who for me. >> this is a mess. >> court papers from the church is currently accusing a minister from stealing millions from gold. >> did you steal go from your
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father's office. >> and in the handbook it says i'm allowed to have a break to express breastmilk. >> timmy are chasten a story for a woman who is not quite dead yet. >> medicaid and to the said nancy died on april 22, 2015. only nancy is not dead, she is alive and well enters the city. >> i enters the city. >> i am fighting for my life. >> i met nancy for her and cheeks plain to me the sequence of events that made her the walking dead. >> i received a phone call saying that i had passed away on april 2, 2015. >> this started a devastated sequence of events. >> the social security office
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says that you are deceased. >> yes and then they sent a letter to my bank, and they told them that i was deceased and when i went to take my money from the bank she said it was negative and everything was closed. she said they got a letter from the treasury that i had been deceased. >> i spent the afternoon with her sitting on the floor, going through the documents that she had and letters from social security. >> they cut my medicare, my medicaid, everything, i have nothing. >> she was able to work with the social security administration that says yes she is alive and she can use that to go to citibank and to open up her
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account. >> i have the letter that says i was still alive. >> in order to get her life back she was said that she needed to acquire a copy of her death certificate to find out who reported she was dead, if that person, notarized a letter that said yes she was indeed alive. >> i went to city hall and they looked at me like i was crazy. obviously, i'm here to get my death or certificate, for who? for me. i'm alive. we can't even give you a letter stating that your alive. >> i asked if i could obtain a death certificate for her and they actually remembered her and asked that she come back down and the city clerk met with her and was going to take it to the state and see if there is a death record. what i found out is your death certificate is not kept in your town you live, it's where you
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died or where someone claims you died. it could be could be anywhere in the united states. i made two calls one to the emitters social security administration went to the bank. the social security office went, directly on her case but they quickly got in touch with her and started reading in stating her benefits. the representative at the bank was astonished to learn what was going on and they too began working on this. as of this morning nancy's bank account is reopened. >> all good. thousands of people get checks long after they are dead, the inspector general said some people got in checks between ten and 20 years after their death. a lot of that is broad, some of that incompetence. so it took tamra to bring her back from the dead, nice job. >> a bank resented the responded and said that her bank account was never close however because there is a death account death notice on her account she was
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not able to make any deposits. where working diligently to make resolution with social security administration. after much back and forth today they finally accepted the social security administration's letter that nancy is alive, in lieu of a duster to get. however this is not resolved yet. i will keep you updated on chasing tamra. >> there is a school bus crass in irvington on thursday at 830 this morning. the school bus with children inside collided with an suv on intersection, the impact through vehicles and to occur. nine children were taken to hospital with no one was reportedly seriously injured. >> arianna said she was iron for wanting to breasts free feed her three month old little girl. so i asked her about her situation at her work. basically.
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basically it comes down to break time. the plam out so she would give birth a man return to work in august. in july after giving birth she contacted her employers and told her she was going to need some breaks. >> i'm willing to work whatever they need me but i just need a break. they asked me why and i said because i needed to express breastmilk and i'm breast-feeding so i need to pump in order to have milk for my daughter. they tell me they could not do that for me and my position. >> she was answering phones at the hampton inches she was told by her employer she would not be allowed her breaks in that position and that she might have to move to housekeeping. she said that was fine, any position that would allow her to have a 30 minute break or 215 minute >> the law says that i'm allowed
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to have a break no matter what the break is for. i want to use it to express breastmilk. >> she was so last friday by her employers that there is no position available for her. she basically considered she was fired and they had not contacted her. i reached out to the employer went to hampton in. >> at we would like you to leave the property. >> puppy milk is very time-consuming and cumbersome there's a lot of problems with it. the way the labor laws set up it says on paper that all i'm protective but to really accommodate the needs of a breast-feeding mother, the business really has to be willing to accommodate in a way more than you might expect them to need to. i'm shocked that a job like the one that you described that they couldn't do that. >> but then i have to hire
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someone else to cover when she's not there. that shift is something you have to be front and center until the public. i think it sounds to me like a recent accommodation could've been a but on the side of the employee the minute you side start getting into the law it forces everybody else. but the real question is why is the presumption always made that breast-feeding is only a best way to feed your kids. i think we need laws around that not everybody agrees with that. >> that's true that not everybody agrees with that but i think if the mother wants to do that she should be given that opportunity to do so. i think it's unfortunate and they wouldn't comment on it or accommodate her. if the most controversial thing i've ever experienced and the most judgmental. if she wants to breast-feed for those first part of her daughter's life i don't think accommodations are unreasonable. >> i went to church and found of life assembly. ron's father the longtime pastor is suing the church for million
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seat told the story yesterday. >> it's a mess, my dad has tried to resolve and the news comes back to the churches we are not interested in settling. >> not occurring to the church but today. >> the other side court papers from the current minister accused the old man mr. paul of funding his own retirement by helping himself to church cash. >> and if you see your father passed through put money into his personal account from church accounts can you see how. >> will here's the thing that he's the business administrator. >> why did they throw flag until now? >> how long was he a business administrator? >> as long as i can remember. >> up the pastor won't return
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calls or answer the door, or let his lawyer talk to us. this is the basis of the suit. there is a legibly a legibly a 20% agreement for pastor graven with the church for 20% of unattached funds in the church. i was to be allocated, how would that was supposed to be a die don't know. it also says he never took a regular salary from the church in the original suits, the answer from the church denies that he didn't take the salary. they deny everything. they also deny that he lives regally which rudely which is what the pastor said he did do in those suit. he directly accuses ron of swiping millions from the office. >> did you take gold from your father's office and go to texas with it. >> that is something that is a legal matter and i really do not want to discuss. >> and i was at the advice of my attorney.
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>> okay, you cannot discuss whether you do that or not. >> right i cannot discuss. >> by this lawsuit the lawsuit is more clear. his son the senior graven owned that gold, they purchased it from personal funds and the church actually took it from him when they lack the old preacher out of his office. all of that is denied by fountain of life church in its response. >> the lawsuit alleges the value of the church is more than $60 million. >> you're talking dollars. >> you're talking about a lot of money here. >> your talk about tithing but this is ridiculous. >> while hank while the church leadership is having this battle over money, what do you see in the church itself. >> they have done a lot of things for underprivileged kids, wednesday night service went on peacefully for the most part. >> i get why they asked me to stop shooting churches sacred to people, it's a very personal thing, as he said i was a little
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conflicted about shooting in there anyway but how well served are these people and their reality when the hierarchy of the church is a battling over middle of dollars. >> what's the next step question work. >> were going to have to find out when it has its next appearance in court but when everything the plaintiffs said denied by the defendant. years on this, they may spend more and lawyer fees than anyone gleans from it. treasure hunt. >> my next chase is going to be a cold beer. >> working among the dead at $10 sure. >> is there fire at the
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>> taylor swift related crime on sunday at east village behind bar. according to an e-mail sent out by the owners there's 15 people rated the bars because they went play any tailors with songs. when the bartender finally did play a few they still weren't happy.
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one of them allegedly told the bartender to go back to your country along with a few other obscenities, the group was then asked to leave at which point they did with a 500-dollar bill. >> this does not represent taylor swift as a whole. >> take your summer working at the dead, believe it or not it's a pretty good gate. welcome to woodlawn cemetery in the bronx. the final resting place for some high-profile figures. from the heroes on the titanic to jcpenney, and pulitzer, but that's released 12 young adults are playing pretty big role. >> there pilot program called the bridge get pert career for 930 hour week that $10 per hour
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they will work on these fields learning the basic of historic preservation. it's perfect for those with a high school degree. >> it's calming, there's not a lot of people walking around. >> but i had to to ask why a cemetery to relearn historic preservation, what's your. >> the caulking, the cleaning, that you would have on the large historic building because of the variety of stone, and the ss ability of monuments that actually make a great training. >> the program is perfectly beneficial, take a look at this is where the interns hard work can be seen. >> you can see that the monuments have been strained in a row, it was just a disheveled mess. there we had no other way to do this unless someone came out long as i will fix it up for you.
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>> the program all-caps-off right before labor day now apprentices get paid for it a job so it does save them and it's not a bad option. >> how do you feel walking on the same as peoples tombstone. >> i love it here, so peaceful, there's a great breeze going on. >> with the day-to-day tasks include that your scenes of our. >> so today i seen the interns draw out the structures they are looking at. a lot of this is making sure. >> is there fire at the cemetery? >> i hope not. not. >> there may be new customers. >> i like it. >> this man was arrested for causing 20 our roadie to her as a result, his mother was also arrested.
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>> 's and i crazy? >> gourmet popsicle.
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>> or key lime pie so many >> please have been looking for the guys who have stole at least three bags over $7000 in handbags. if you have any information please contact crimestoppers. >> this man was arrested tuesday august 11 for causing a 20 hour road detour he was charged with another dwi in the traffic can just and that he caught the
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previous night. his mother was was also arrested because she was following him and she was charged with allowing her son to drive. they are all both going to be sentenced. >> there's an online community that allows you to share thoughts and feelings on my. might be like truly representative said even for 142% more likely than people in louisiana. so yes new jersey and like to be nude because being is awesome. >> is coming to town. >> is gonna be in your way. >> how people really feel about his visit. >> and gourmet popsicle. >> you can a popcorn, key lime pie, so many possibilities. >> friday and artisan all makeover.
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